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A Night in Elsinore

Arroyo Repertory Theatre performs Richard Nathan's comedic retelling of the Shakespearean classic HAMLET opens on Saturday, September 16 and runs for only 3 weekends! Get your tickets today! 

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Security System Fundraiser

Arroyo Repertory Theatre has organized a GoFundMe for the installation of a security system and facilities repairs to the campus of St. James Methodist Church and its partner community organizations, including Porticos Art Space! Due to increased vandalism and break-ins, church and campus administrators believe a full-fledged security system will benefit the safety of the campus, its congregants, and community members. Donate today to help us keep programs running safe and smoothly at Porticos Art Space!

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Our Mission


Utilizing innovation to create cultural relevance through inclusive arts programming.


Implementing educational strategies to nurture and support the development of voice, choice, and agency.


Collaborating with communities to forward quality of life through transformative arts experiences.

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