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If All the Sky Were Paper

Bestselling author Andrew Carroll embarked on a literary journey in search of wartime correspondences after discovering a profoundly moving letter written by a distant cousin detailing service as a pilot in the Second World War. The echo of this letter led Carrol on a path of discovery trailing not just all fifty states, but over thirty countries and two active warzones where he cataloged testimonies of troops, medics, nurses, chaplains, family members on the homefront, and civilians caught in the crossfire of combat. These voices wove together into a tapestry of the human experience he aptly describes as “the World’s Greatest Undiscovered Literature.”

His humanistic odyssey of our experiences in war are now presented on the stage and work to capture those facets of human emotion too often lost in the wake of tragedy and strife. Previously performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., Andrew Carroll’s newly revised and expanded version of If All the Sky Were Paper is a play that is both pertinent and timeless.

Jordan Lynn

"If All The Sky Were Paper is a play that combines authentic war time letters and recollections with powerful performances.... This play should not be missed." 

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