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About Us

Arroyo Repertory Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on the encouragement and development of artistic experiences and expression in the community. Our team consists of writers, performers, directors, designers, and educators - but we are all artists.


 Our Mission

Utilizing innovation to create cultural relevance through inclusive arts programming.


Implementing educational strategies to nurture and support the development of voice, choice, and agency.


Collaborating with communities to forward quality of life through transformative arts experiences


Our Values

Integrity. We are committed to fulfilling our mission: embracing transparency and accountability, while honoring the support of our donors.

Excellence. We create and develop high-quality programming utilizing collective experience & knowledge, current research, and proven strategies.

Empowerment. We cultivate a safe and supportive environment in which new and experienced artists can take risks, pursue their vision, strengthen their voice, and develop their artistic identity.

Community. We invite the community to engage in a symbiotic relationship that supports, reflects, and celebrates the human condition with participants of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. 

Good Stewardship. We serve our community partners through measurable accountability regarding the use of our resources: human, artistic, social, fiscal, & operational.

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