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To Our Loving and Supportive Community,

Arroyo Repertory Theatre’s (ART) Leadership Team is looking toward this year’s “Season of Giving”. We asked ourselves, “What does ART have to offer during this time of challenge?”

After much deliberation, here is our answer: Our team has produced safe, engaging events where we have invited others to share in artistic communion, thanks to our large outdoor courtyard at St. James United Methodist Church.  

Following the strict county COVID-19 guidelines, we took steps this past summer with AMPLIFY, our first outdoor gallery. The work of 24 BIPOC artists was showcased around the courtyard in response to the social unrest of the summer of 2020. Our network and community in the Pasadena area recognized these artists’ valued voices. In October, producer John Knight in association with ART, brought his event, Tales from the Script to the courtyard. Seven artists wove a magical hour of stories, poetry and song. Both of these events underscore an important part of our mission: 

Empowerment: We cultivate a safe and supportive environment in which new and experienced artists can take risks, pursue their vision, strengthen their voice, and develop their artistic identity.

Our goal is to continue producing events like this. There are a few things we’ve identified that will keep us moving in the forward direction:

Air Cleaners $480 upgrade

Inline Hot Water Heaters  $1400 upgrade

WIFI Upgrades $2,500.00 upgrade


Vision: Creating a Vibrant Arts Community.  

We dedicate our work to support, reflect, and celebrate artists of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. Thanks to our partnerships with St. James UMC and our donors,  we are able to provide a platform for the voices of many in our community. In sharing our worldviews with others, we grow stronger as a community.


Payment may be made by cash, check, or online via Paypal. Please make checks payable to “Arroyo Repertory Theatre” and mail them to Arroyo Repertory Theatre at 2033 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91104. **Any funds in excess of our initial ask for the above upgrading items will go toward replenishing our always-needed supply of hand sanitizer, wipes, soap, paper towels, etc. 


With love,


The Leadership Team at Arroyo Repertory Theatre

Details about the planned upgrades:



Our three audience restrooms need hot running water. We have 4 sinks total, so 4 small inline heaters under each would run at approx. $300 each, including the installation of each by a qualified plumber at approximately $50 each for a total of $1400 to upgrade all sinks to include hot water.



With hot water in place, we then need to make sure that the air circulating in the three restrooms is kept medical-grade and HEPA-filtered, so we’d like to install High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Air Scrubbers which will capture 99.97 percent of contaminates .3 microns in size.  The EPA reports indicate particle removal efficiency for specific particle sizes of .3 microns as effective in removing virus when used along with other best practices recommended by CDC and others, filtration can be part of a plan to reduce the potential for airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors.


Installation of  TruSens Air Purifiers with  360 HEPA Filtration with Dupont Filter,  UV-C Light and  Dual Airflow for Full Coverage in each restroom which cost $160.00  each.  Happily, these do not require installation, merely plug-and-play, so the total is $480.00.



In addition to the above upgrades to the three restrooms that ART uses for our audiences, there is a need to upgrade the Wifi system on the grounds.  During this time of health and safety concerns, much of the current theatrical content available to you is being creatively streamed online,  ART would like to be capable of live streaming some of our creative offerings to insure the health and safety of our audiences. All can still benefit from the creativity at play at our Courtyard venue.


Cost for wifi upgrades are estimated at $2500.

ART's Season of Giving

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